In order to maximize the result for a seller it’s best to make sure a home shows well. Before I begin to market a seller’s property I compile a listing checklist. This list may be as simple as a complete thorough cleaning with some flowers added here and there, or can be more extensive to include new carpet, painting, and other items to provide that eye catching look that brings the best sales price. You’ve heard the term “curb appeal,” simply put it means capturing a buyer’s attention from the moment they begin to view your property. The more curb appeal, the quicker a home sells and achieves maximum value. Think of the dollars you spend staging your home as an investment, Your return on these dollars will be more than you can imagine. So here’s a sample of my listing checklist.

Curb Appeal   

Mow the lawn and keep the hedges trimmed. If the paint is chipped, consider repainting. Accent the house to give it a wow factor when the prospective buyer pulls in the driveway.

The Welcoming Entrance

Keep the entry way free of clutter. The entrance is the first thing the people see, and it can make or break a sale.

Stage the Living Room

The living room is a place for comfort and entertainment. If there are audio or visual components (Big Screen TV’s ,surround sound, etc)  make sure they work so that a buyer can experience the effect.


Clean and clear the counters but staging some accent kitchenware and flowers is a nice touch.


Decorate with matching bath-ware, small floral arrangements and clean, clean, clean.



Remove Most Personal Objects

This is a tough one emotionally for a lot of sellers because the realization that they will soon be moving becomes real in this moment. The reality, however, is future buyers want to imagine what it might be like to live in the home and removing personal items helps to achieve that feeling. Take down the family pictures, you’re not leaving them behind anyway and making a potential buyer feel at home achieves the goal of selling your home more quickly.

Homes Should Smell Inviting

Before a potential buyer arrives I like to have tropical smelling flowers, burning candles or sometimes with a seller’s help fresh baked cookies. This makes a home more welcoming and appealing to a buyer contemplating their new home.



Making your home as clean and clutter free as possible should be the goal.  Since you are going to be moving anyway packing up some of your things ahead of time in order to declutter or moving that big piece of furniture out of the living room to make it feel more spacious are all things to consider.  Having trouble determining what you need to do in order to market your home? Call me for a consultation.