I never considered that every time I sell or list a property that I play a key part in changing lives, but that’s what I do one sale at a time. Buying and selling your home or investment property can be stressful in the best of circumstances and a nightmare when details are not fully disclosed or considered. Each property has unique features and characteristics as do the clients I serve. On the buyer side, my role is to match my buyers with properties that meet all the criteria that they’ve given me and then provide as much information as possible at all times to assist them with their purchase decision.

On the seller side, I work with my sellers in advance to prepare their properties for prime market presentation before they list so that when the property hits the market it showcases well to prospective buyers and the other real estate professionals representing their own clients. I also provide comparable sales data, market factors and other information to assist my sellers in making an informed listing price decision. This approach has produced great results in reducing the time on the market for my listings.

Throughout my career in the sale of real estate and as a leader in residential lending before that, I’ve been helping people to achieve their dreams. Young couples buying their first home then years later buying a larger home to accommodate their expanded family.

Families with pets that need a little extra room for them to roam. Retirees looking for that ground floor or single story unit for easier access. Families with special needs and so many more people from all walks of life. I’ve relocated people across the country and around the globe. With each new client I’ve tried to learn as much as possible about them so that I could serve them better as we set off on our real estate partnership. Maybe that’s why I was honored recently by one of my clients when they wrote a testimonial to me and said that they had “made a friend for life”. Indeed that is the essence of my commitment to my clients and why I wanted to write this blog and thank my clients for allowing me to help in changing their lives with aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii.