It’s often frustrating to sellers when they choose an agent to represent them only to discover that the promises that were made to obtain their listing had no basis in realty. That’s why I say “I Don’t sell Pipe Dreams, I sell Real Estate.” This allows me to help people achieve their dreams instead of making the real estate process a nightmare. I do this by applying a straight forward honest approach when I meet with my clients. I don’t always tell people what they want to hear, but I do provide expert, honest and realistic advice to my clients in order to achieve maximum results and reasonable expectations.

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So What sets me apart from the legions of agents competing for your business?

 Experience:I have over 40 years of experience in the real estate business. Before I became a Realtor I worked my way through the lending side of the business from processing loans to senior management funding well over a billion dollars in loan transactions. My knowledge of all the aspects related to property value and the factors that can affect your price is second to none. When I recommend a listing price I exhaustively research comparable property while taking into consideration the variable amenities, condition of the properties, location, and other factors that may increase or decrease the optimum sales price for your property. Since I’ve been on the lending side, it’s easy for me to screen potential buyers to assure that the one’s viewing your property are serious and qualified to purchase it. Of course, the decision pertaining to what price to list at ultimately rests with the seller. My job is to provide as much information to assist that process while taking into consideration the marketing time that a seller is comfortable with. I don’t take listings simply to boost my listing portfolio, I taking listings that have a realistic chance of selling in a reasonable amount of time. My approach with my sellers and buyers is simple……be honest, be thoughtful, be knowledgeable, communicate constantly, and provide great service.

Marketing: I am very active and engaged in the local communities so I am marketing constantly in person. I also market extensively using social media, demographically targeted mailings, magazines, newsletters, video and high-end points of contact. My goal is to keep my listings in front of as many buyers as possible that are most likely to be interested in purchasing the type of property I’ve listed. I track all of the marketing vehicles that I use to refine and adjust the marketing throughout the process to achieve the greatest market penetration possible.

Communication: Nothing drives me crazier than leaving messages for someone and either waiting forever or not getting called back at all. So let’s be clear. You’re going to receive constant timely communication from me during and after our time together. My responsibility to assure your satisfaction starts with the day we meet and will continue long after your transaction closes escrow. My goal is to create a client for life or as one of my clients wrote in a note to me “and we made a friend for life.”  Real Estate affects people’s lives so I take my responsibility very seriously and I never forget the trust you’ve placed in me to help you achieve your dreams and goals for your family.

Integrity: Actually this should probably be the first one listed and should go without saying but I like to close with it as a reminder of what you should expect from anyone that represents you. After all, that’s exactly what I am……I’m your representative and I owe you nothing less than to be the most ethical advocate on your behalf. This doesn’t mean that I won’t fight fiercely on your behalf. It does mean that when we close your escrow you will know that I have worked tirelessly to make your transaction as seamless as possible. After all, I don’t sell pipe dreams I sell real estate.