Interviewing your realtor can be one of the most important things you do before you purchase or sell your home. If you do your homework you can take a lot of the guesswork and stress out of your next real estate transaction.

After all would you engage the services of a Doctor or other professional without sufficient information to determine their qualifications? A real estate transaction may not be a life and death matter but it can still be very stressful. Choosing a knowledgeable professional who communicates with you in a timely manner with accurate information will considerably improve your real estate experience.

To start, do a little homework and choose a knowledgeable professional who has experience with the types of property you’re interested in or marketing. Read their testimonials and reviews from other customers.

Read their blogs. See how they communicate. You’ll get a good sense of whether the realtor’s personality and experience is compatible for the agent you seek to represent you. An experienced agent should be well versed to provide you with timely and accurate information pertaining to finance, property evaluation, building regulations, individual community CC&R’s, local repair tradesman, and many categories of information as they pertain to your individual transaction.

So here’s a sample of some of the questions you might consider when you interview your realtor:

How long have you been in the real estate business? Is this your full time job?

How many homes did you and your company sell last year?

What is the average marketing time of your listings?

What is your sales price to listing price average percentage for your listings?

Describe in detail the marketing campaign that you will employ to sell my home? What sets you apart?

Do you have a referral source list to help expedite any repairs that might be needed to my property?

Can you assist with a  list of mortgage options/providers  that may be available to help me purchase my new home?

Do you have experience with relocations, 2nd homes, and vacation or long term rental information

How will you communicate with me?

May I contact three of your most recent clients?

Obviously this is just a sample of the many questions you will have as you move forward with your real estate transaction. Our purpose is to help make the process as smooth as possible and we’ve found that by communicating with our clients constantly and providing accurate information we have been able to achieve a five star rating for customer satisfaction. We hope that you will choose us to represent you but if not we hope that we’ve at least provided you with the tools to make a more informed decision.





Photo by RickG59