This morning’s skies in West Hawaii are blue with puffy clouds and the air is just fine. The volcanic eruption is limited to a small area in the southeastern part of The Big Island of Hawaii. The resorts and communities of Western Hawaii are not affected as tourists and residents go about their lives normally, as they would on any other day. In fact tourism may actually increase as a result of the volcanic activity in East Hawaii. That being said we are mindful of the difficulties many families are experiencing. Our thoughts and prayers continue for our island neighbors in the affected areas.

This photo was shot this morning. It shows Mauna Kea which stands 13,802 feet above sea level and last erupted about 4,600 years ago. When measured from its oceanic base, Mauna Kea is 33,000 ft tall and is the tallest mountain on Earth. Mauna Kea is about a million years old, and has thus passed the most active shield stage of life hundreds of thousands of years ago. I’ll continue to keep you posted with news and information from the west.

Feature Photo by sodai gomi